ABOUT Ladakh Holiday

A work of art is above all an adventure of mind!

The company is run by "Ladakh Holiday." We have been offering tours in Ladakh to travelers from across the country as well as worldwide. Our company has been organizing group tour such as trekking, bike tours, jeep safaris, adventure tours, cultural tours, mountain expeditions and holiday tours. "Ladakh Holiday" endeavors to bring you closer to your dream of exploring the Himalayas.Our Commitment, Value, Passion and most importantly, we believe in accumulation of life time memories that you create during your holiday.

We are well experienced, we have been working with tourists around Ladakh for the last 7 to 8 years.

Our service comes with quality. beauty and performance that's optimum to man. yet we are never imposing and are safely flexible to every client's dream trip. For true comfort and real safety we always have the latest and the best equipment. Keeping in mind the needs of the area and the client.

With us it will be "the return of the native" , anywhere and everywhere, throughout the land and people that's India: you will see. you will fee and you will become one with the are you visit.